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Growing up, I have spent most of my life in port cities of India. Currently, I live in Bengaluru & spend majority of my time designing power grids in the microcosm of integrated circuits.


I am at a stage in life, where I have achieved most of  the things which I wanted as a lower-middle class boy. With time, I have been able to make my surroundings comfortable and I started focusing on achieving better internal states of being. I have had some progress and believe that even better states of being are possible. But, at this juncture I am not able to see clear path to put my energy and time into. Probably, I am waiting to internalize all my experiences or the noise of my mind to settle down a little more. As taking actions is the easiest thing one can do to get clarity in life, I have started this blog.

Therefore, my foremost intention with this blog is to sift through & dig into my thoughts. An achievement for my words, as in any art form, will be to create UN-muddled & clear states of my mind. I am hoping that this endeavor will give me clarity and attract people on similar journey. As a stone creates far reaching ripples on the surface of water with it's touch, witnessing any expression of truth (in any art form) stirs something in our fabric of consciousness. If something on this blog moves you deeply (beyond the intellectual/rational understanding  of the words), it means that I have been able to express some form of truth. I would urge the readers to engage and share those ripples & thoughts as we go on this journey. We all share same fabric of consciousness and have witnessed different sections of it. Collectively, we can complete the whole picture faster than me working alone. 


You can directly reach me for any suggestions, discussions or comments on :

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